Potential vs. People / Strong Business Relationships

By: Nick Jones, Induron Sales Representative

business relationshipsEncountering a new trend or the latest technology often triggers that “gotta-have-it” mentality. To me, one’s potential is similar to that mentality. However, do you know what it is you’re getting?

Potential is a tricky thing because there are so many unknowns. For example, an all-star football player may be equipped with the tools (or potential) to succeed, but his potential can quickly fade away in a real-time, game situation when he fails to make the play. While another football player, who is less-skilled (has less potential) but puts in extra practice, can wind up accomplishing things you never expected.

In business, I believe it is much the same. Just because something has the look, or the potential, does not mean it can accomplish what you want it to.

People make the difference when doing business—who you work with directly, the relationship you have with that person, and their ability to adjust to your specific needs and wants to help your business’s growth and productivity. Having a multitude of options to offer off your shelf is not always the solution. The ability to discuss, adjust and create something unique to customers’ needs does not have a dollar sign attached to it.

Business relationships often mimic personal relationships. For instance, you may like a person until you get into a fight with them. His/her actions may surprise you and make you question whether you want to continue the relationship. After all, I’ve always said, “You don’t have a customer until you have a complaint.” In a good relationship, personal or professional, you should grow stronger after the issue you are having is handled correctly. It takes communication to really understand what the other person is feeling and reacting to.

Just like the all-star football player who failed to perform, the group with all the “potential” may fail to resolve issues with both parties’ best interests in mind.

People make the difference. Investing in people and building business relationships is essential to successful business. And, to me, that is what sets Induron apart. We are the people who make the difference.

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