Protect Your Assets with Fast Prime 2 & Indurethane Monarch

By: Ron Bouthillier, Induron Sales Representative

A study cited by insulation company John Mansville in 2016 tells us that corrosion now exceeds 1.1 trillion dollars in the U.S each year. This staggering number should catch the attention of both equipment owners and manufacturers. Protecting assets from corrosion will increase the longevity and functionality of an asset, which ultimately impacts a company’s profitability.

In Alberta, Canada, there are millions of dollars worth of assets rolling down roads and highways each day. Public infrastructure comprises about 140,000 miles of roads and many of those roads are gravel.

If you were to pass by an equipment auction yard, fabricating shop or painting facility, it would not take you long to notice the damage caused by gravel roads sandblasting the equipment. Once the rock has chipped off the protective coating, the steel is exposed and set up for a perfect corrosion cell.  Plus, with cold temperatures, humidity and the calcium sulfonate used to melt the snow and ice off the road in the winter, it doesn’t take long for corrosion to take hold.

How can these assets be protected from exposure and corrosion? An effective coating system.

At Induron, our company motto is “Look Beneath the Surface,” and we believe that several factors are involved in selecting a successful coating system that provides long-term viability.  For instance, it is paramount to remove the rust from the surface prior to applying a protective coating. Likewise, to maximize adhesion, the surface should also have a profile that the coating can anchor to.

Induron’s Fast Prime 2 Epoxy Primer addresses these issues with these qualities:

  • It provides a hard, durable finish as the initial coat on steel.
  • It’s fast-dry time allows you to apply a urethane or alkyd topcoat in under an hour.
  • It offers anti-corrosive inhibitors that protect the steel from rusting.
  • Unlike many primers that tend to “dry spray” when applied to large areas, Fast Prime 2 can be sprayed smoothly so sanding prior to a finish coat application is not required.
  • Unlike many competing primers, Fast Prime 2 does not have a 24-72-hour window in which it needs recoating.
  • It is currently available in black, grey, blue and yellow.

To cap off this unique protective primer, Induron developed a premium polyester urethane called Indurethane Monarch HS. The superior chemical composition, gloss and flexibility of Indurethane Monarch sets it apart from the “acrylic” urethanes being sold today. Plus, it offers a fast-dry time without the aid of an accelerator.

Ultimately, a coating system of Induron’s Fast Prime 2 Epoxy Primer and Indurethane Monarch HS can be completed in an 8-hour day. This speedy application creates a huge advantage for paint shops that need to turn over equipment in a short period of time. After all, “time is money.”  Consider Induron Fast Prime 2 and Indrethane Monarch when painting your next piece of valued equipment.  It will not only be protected, but it will also be beautiful.

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