Fire Hydrant Refurbishment: Let’s Get Creative!

By: Paul Powers, Induron Sales Representative

Recently, one of Induron’s larger water company customers used our products on a fire hydrant refurbishment project. Once the project was underway, I received a request that peaked my curiosity. The customer requested some very bright, dynamic colors in small quantities for a special part of the project. Fortunately, Indurlux 7600 can be made in just about any color, so we were able to provide the colors needed for the project.


It turned out that the water company was working with a local high school’s art department to customize the fire hydrants on its campus. I thought this was such a unique idea, so I requested some more information on the project…

Johnsburg High School, home to the “Skyhawks,” is a village of about 6300 people, in Northwest McHenry County, Illinois. Led by their professor, Judy Krueger, the high school art students designed and painted the fire hydrants. As you can see in the photos below and on Facebook, the students did a great job creatively representing their school colors and mascot, along with some other interesting graphics.

Induron’s Indurlux 7600, a single component, high-performance, high gloss, acrylic polysiloxane finish coat, is the perfect product for this type of project because it provides extended color and gloss retention. Plus, the single pack feature allows the painter to move freely from each location without wasting materials that normally have a pot life due to catalyzation. If you have a project that would benefit from the use of a single package product that requires the high-performance characteristics of catalyzed materials, give us a call!


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