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Induron’s Operations Team Meets Quarterly Quality Goals

By: Jeff White, Induron EVP & General Manager

Gearheads galore! The Induron Operations team recently celebrated meeting its quarterly quality goals! These goals not only measure the quality of paint we are producing, but also how we are servicing our customers. The goals we set are not “gimme goals,” because we like a challenge. And, we don’t always reach them, but when we do, it’s worth celebrating. Continue reading Induron’s Operations Team Meets Quarterly Quality Goals

Look Beneath the Surface

Our awesome operations team

By Davies Hood

“Induron: Look Beneath the Surface.”  That’s our tag-line, but it’s way more than just that. It’s who we are.

Sure, it’s a play on words, because we are in the paint business and paint is used to protect or beautify the surface level.  We also have some competitors who look really good on the surface, but don’t have much substance underneath. Continue reading Look Beneath the Surface