Induron Paints Used to Rehabilitate Penn State Water Tanks

By: Tex Enoch, Induron Sales Representative

Penn State Water Improvement ProjectPennsylvania State University, located in State College, PA, recently undertook a massive water improvement project. The project involved raising and repainting two elevated tanks and demolishing, replacing and painting another. Though each tank rehabilitation presented unique challenges and involved varying contractors, Induron supplied the specified paints for the entire project.

Doug DeClerck of Project Services wrote the coating specifications listed below for all three tanks. DeClerck has served as the coatings consultant for PSU for many years and, because of his extensive experience and countless successes, uses Induron as his standard of quality.


Surface Preparation: SSPC SP 10 Near White Blast Cleaning



Surface Preparation: SSPC SP 6 Commercial Blast Cleaning


DeClerck’s suggested specifications were reviewed by Dianne Young of Buchart Horn Engineers and Jim Baird, the chief engineer for Penn State, and then accepted as the standard of quality for Penn State’s entire water improvement project. Additionally, to ensure quality, each phase of the tank rehabilitations was thoroughly inspected by Mumford Bjorkman and Associates (MBA). Learn more about each tank below!

1.5 MM Elevated Water Tank

Located in the center of the university’s Blue Golf Course, the 1.5 MM elevated tank pictured below was the first of the 3 tank rehabilitation projects. Before repainting the tank, Phoenix Tank successfully raised the 12-legged tank by 16 feet. To prevent any contaminants from leaving the work area, the tank was shrouded with rigid containment throughout the construction process. Though 16 feet does not sound like much, this increased height will boost the water pressure in the area and improve the city’s fire suppression capabilities.

Induron is proud to be the preferred supplier of Corrosion Control Corporation (CCC) of New Jersey, who was contracted to paint the tank. Kent Webster, owner of CCC, acknowledged how pleased he was with Induron’s products and services by sharing, “The projects we have done with Induron have all gone smoothly and with no call backs. Why wouldn’t we want to use their products whenever we can? ?  Tex Enoch, our Induron representative, probably knows more about painting water tanks than any other paint salesman in the country.”

All in all, thanks to the combined efforts of Project Services, CCC and MBA, this tank was successfully raised and repainted using Induron paints in September of 2016. Check out the photos of the tank below!

1 MM Spheroidal Water Tank

The 1 MM spheroidal tank located on the university’s main campus was next on Penn State’s water improvement project docket. This tank also needed to be elevated in order to improve the university’s water system. Thus, Phoenix Tank raised the tank from 180 feet to 196 feet. The tank was completely repainted by C.G. Zarnas Company. Check out the before and after photos below!

750 MM Elevated Tank
Last, but certainly not least, a 750 MM elevated water tank located at the center of Penn State’s campus needed to be demolished, replaced and painted to complete the university’s water improvement project. Because the tank was surrounded by university buildings, this rehabilitation project was especially difficult to execute and contain. However, it was made possible by shrouding the tank with rigid containment throughout the rehabilitation.

Caldwell Tanks tore down the existing tank, and then fabricated and erected the new tank pictured on the right.  CCC painted the tank as a subcontractor to Caldwell Tanks. Now, the project just needs a new fill pipe to be completed! In the project photos below, you can see just how tight the construction site was that the contractors and painters dealt with.

Penn State Water Improvement Project

The university is now equipped with essentially three brand new water tanks operating at the same elevation level and providing potable water to more than 50,000 students and faculty. Induron was proud to contribute to Penn State University’s water improvement project and looks forward to working with each of the engineers and contractors in the future. WE ARE… PENN STATE!

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  1. This was a great job and a lot of fun. I was lucky to be able to work with wonderful contractors and inspectors and the end result could not have been better.

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