Reflecting on 2016

By: Davies Hood, Induron President

Reflecting on 2016For many of us, the New Year provides a natural time to review what is working in our lives and what is not working. It gives businesses like Induron the same opportunity to reflect. Too many of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle of establishing goals and New Year’s resolutions that we forget to reflect on the good things going on.

At the Induron Christmas Party in December of 2016, I was blessed with the unique opportunity to address the entire team of Induron employees—at least those that live in Alabama. I decided to focus my speech on “what went RIGHT at Induron in 2016.” Thankfully, this topic allowed me to brag on the successes of our company to many of the people that made that success possible: our employees. Notice that I did say many of the people, because in my heart of hearts I realize that our success would not be possible without the business of our valued customers. Anyway, I digress…

When praising the success of our Cycle Count to the managers and team members of the Manufacturing Department, I noticed the pride swell up in the eyes of the men who achieved a very aggressive goal. When I commented on the quality of the new salesmen we added to our team this year (Andy Odorzynski, Paul Powers and David Parnell), I personally felt proud, but mostly because one of those three A-players was sitting in the room. When I discussed the new equipment, which has helped our operations run smoother, safer and more efficiently, to the three guys responsible for the purchase, installation and operation of this equipment, I felt a real sense of comradery. And lastly, I was able to reveal the new products that are in development and highlight the small number of shipping errors that we committed. In short, I thoroughly enjoyed thanking and complimenting the very people that make my job as a business owner so much fun!

After reflecting on these positive occurrences of 2016, I decided that in 2017 my goal is to focus on the positive. We all have bad things occur in life, and this business is prone to those same bad things. However, in 2017, I am choosing NOT to dwell on the bad and to focus on the good. Hopefully, this mindset will make my 2017 even better than my 2016, and I believe it will also make things even better here at Induron.

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