Induron Attends ACE 2019

By: Tex Enoch, Induron Water Tank Market Manager

I believe this is the 40th AWWA Annual Convention that I have attended and my 12th as an Induron representative.  It is also the first conference in 25 years that I have no committee responsibilities.  My colleague, Andy Odorzinski has replaced me on the D101 and 102 committees

Working with Induron has given me the rare opportunity to return to my roots.  Once again, I find myself working for a small, family-owned paint manufacturing company that considers protecting water storage tanks to be part of its core market.  It is a niche market in which I am more than familiar.

Twenty plus years ago, I helped Tnemec Company introduce an organic, zinc-rich, moisture-cured urethane primer to the water tank market.  It proved to be one of the best-received products to ever enter that marketplace. The primer enabled the tank fabricator and contractor to apply a prime coat that was tough enough to withstand the construction process and dried fast and hard enough to be stacked the next day and/or repel blast media and debris. It also offered a very extended recoat window. However, it was not an ideal primer. It was built on zinc, which is a heavy metal and, in some areas, not allowed to be used.  It also contained isocyanates, which can cause serious health issues when applied in areas that are not properly ventilated.

For me, the most exciting thing about this year’s convention is that, once again, I am part of the launch of a prime coat for the water tank industry.  CeramaPrime has all the great properties of zinc-rich primers but none of the drawbacks. CeramaPrime is built on our highly successful line of ceramic reinforced epoxy coatings. It is nearly half the cost and weight of zinc-rich primers. It just may make you re-think zinc!

For those going to ACE this year, please visit Induron at Booth #3430. For those not going, learn more about us on our website or follow us on social media!


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