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Rethink Your Primer: The Benefits of Ceramic Epoxy

Benefits of Ceramic EpoxyInduron’s Ceramaprime brings performance to the marketplace that requires coatings contractors to rethink their priming options. Whether you are using MCU zinc primers, one-coat DTM technology, or other epoxy primer options, Ceramaprime delivers increased throughput, the elimination of isocyanate, and the performance of ceramic epoxy technology, which often results in cost savings.  Continue reading Rethink Your Primer: The Benefits of Ceramic Epoxy

Induron Attends ACE 2019

By: Tex Enoch, Induron Water Tank Market Manager

I believe this is the 40th AWWA Annual Convention that I have attended and my 12th as an Induron representative.  It is also the first conference in 25 years that I have no committee responsibilities.  My colleague, Andy Odorzinski has replaced me on the D101 and 102 committees Continue reading Induron Attends ACE 2019

It’s Time to Re-Think Zinc

By: Andy Odorzynski, Induron National Sales Manager

Ceramic epoxy technology has become a staple throughout the United States for the care of water and wastewater assets. Treatment plants, distribution pipelines and storage tanks have all benefited from the unmatched performance of Induron’s thick-film ceramic epoxy products. While these linings can be applied direct to metal, they are often paired with zinc-rich primers, both in the field and in shop environments. With the introduction of Induron’s new CeramaPrime thin-film ceramic epoxy primer, asset owners, contractors and specifying engineers are beginning to “rethink zinc” as the go-to priming option. Continue reading It’s Time to Re-Think Zinc

Induron Launches New Premium Epoxy Primer

Induron is excited to announce the launch of its newest product, CeramaPrime Epoxy Primer. With this product, Induron distilled the proven and unmatched performance qualities of our high-build ceramic epoxy linings into a thin-film ceramic epoxy primer. CeramaPrime Epoxy Primer is formulated to offer an array of benefits, including: Continue reading Induron Launches New Premium Epoxy Primer