The Induron Difference: Providing Marketplace Expertise

When working with Induron, you not only have access to innovative technology, but also to the marketplace expertise of our sales representatives. We invest ourselves in our customer’s success, satisfaction and your reputation by putting our customers first.

For example, we won’t specify the most expensive option when a more economical solution will suffice. We may even recommend postponing a project if we honestly don’t believe it needs immediate re-coating.

Nick Jones explains that our approach is all about putting the customer first.

Kendall Smith, Induron’s Power Market Manager, shares his expertise and expectations of the T&D world.

Russell Hicks highlights one of his favorite projects and how Induron’s support throughout the project made it so successful.

From water tanks to T&D coatings and all that is in between, we have an expert on our team to inform and guide you on the coatings that you may need. Contact us today!


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