Project Spotlight: Utilities Inc. Flooring & Pipe Coatings Application

By: Paul Powers, Induron Sales Representative

As many of us have seen over the years in many markets, the Utilities Inc. maintenance team has relied on hardware, big box stores and commercial paint stores for their maintenance painting needs. These guys are hard-working people that carry a huge burden of keeping the community supplied with water. Consequently, painting becomes a “necessary evil.” However, after a short period of time, they realized that their current practices in maintenance painting were not producing results.

Typically, it is lack of performance that sounds the alarm. For instance, the paint that was applied last year is peeling on the floors, pipe paint is wrinkling up with the first signs of condensation, etc. We all get the picture.

Performing a necessary task without the proper instruction or product knowledge is not the most effective way to produce optimal results. Partnering with Induron’s team of experienced Field Representatives will make a measurable difference in protecting your assets. Trust us, it will cost far less to do it right the first time.

In this project, Utilities, Inc. out of McHenry, Illinois hoped to extend their painting cycles by  applying Induron’s High Performance Coatings in the place of common commercial paint products to 7 pipe houses around their community. Check out the project, product and application details below.

  • Previous Paint Types Used: Latex, Acrylic and Garage Floor Paints.
  • Induron Coating Systems:
  • Floors – 1 coat E-Bond 100 Epoxy, 2 coats of Perma-Tuff SL, seeded with aggregate in the first finish coat (Sigma Gray A48375).
  • Pipes – 1 prime coat of Induramastic 85 Epoxy (Tan), 1 or 2 coats of Perma-Clean II High Gloss Finish (Safety Blue 0407, Hi Vis Yellow 0350).
  • Surface Preparation: Both the floors and pipes were abrasive blasted in accordance with SSPC / N.A.C.E. Standards SP-13 / 6 Surface Preparation of Concrete, SP-6 / 3 Commercial Blast Cleaning.
  • Application Methods: Squeegee / Roller, Brush & Roll, Airless spray, as detailed on the Induron Product Data Sheets.
  • Labor Force: All abrasive blast cleaning was done by an outside Painting Contractor. All application of materials was in-house employees of Utilities Inc.

Shortly after this project was completed, the area’s asset manager was sending pictures to the other 5 managers telling them the phrase that pays… “Look what Induron helped us achieve at our McHenry Plant!”

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