Culture is Our Most Important Raw Material

By: Andy Odorzynski, Induron Sales Representative

Asset owners and contractors face a vital business decision when they choose which protective coatings to use on their projects. The technical attributes of a protective coating system are only the baseline qualification for a given product to be taken into consideration. Does the product protect the asset? Is it user-friendly? Can it handle the exposure environment? Is it attractive? These are the prerequisites for consideration, but not the metrics by which a selection is actually made.

Our partners choose Induron because of the intangible attributes of our products and our people: honesty, integrity, innovation and respect.

Protective coatings become a fundamental attribute of the structures they are applied to.  The builder of a structure will, in many ways, be judged by the performance of the coating applied to that structure. Likewise, the coatings protecting the asset will greatly impact the viability and long-term cost of the operating asset. In this manner, Induron Protective Coatings become an integral part of the businesses and communities with whom we partner. This is a responsibility (and an opportunity) we take very seriously.

Our team of chemists and quality control technicians work through an extensive breadth and depth of testing and development protocols to ensure that every drop of Induron product will meet the requirements of the projects they will be applied to. We consider it part of our core purpose as a company to innovate new technologies that offer our partners specific advantages. Induron Ceramic Epoxies have embodied this spirit of innovation for nearly 40 years by evolving to bring this proven technology to new markets and reshaping its chemistry to lead the charge for greener, zero VOC applications.

We succeed together with our partners. We believe it is our job to help them find new levels of success through the expertise, relationships and products we represent. Cultivating this kind of teamwork is only possible with a truly powerful business culture. For three generations, Induron has taken pride in building symbiotic partnerships that grow our company through the success we create for our clients.

Induron team members are true believers in the power of long-term relationships. Our core values as an organization are rooted in the understanding that these relationships will only thrive when honesty, integrity and respect are delivered every day.  The individuals who manufacture Induron products on the factory floor, the sales team who interfaces directly with our end users, and the executive team that leads our organization work together to support the relationships that have enabled us to grow since 1947.

In this manner, our size is a true advantage. Induron is not a “family business” because our shareholders are related. Rather, we are a family business because we are able to treat all our stakeholders as family. Whether they are employees, contractors, asset owners, engineers or fabricators, it is our goal to support them as we would our own families.

Our core values, motivation and the way we strive to conduct business are the intangible cultural inputs that create a truly unique experience for our partners. They represent a stark contrast with those of the multi-billion-dollar global entities that we compete against.

Through generations of family ownership, Induron has enjoyed the pursuit of long-term success through partnerships that require a vision that looks beyond the next quarterly earnings report. We are on a mission to earn business through innovation, and to grow those opportunities through relationships based on honesty, integrity and respect. It is our hope that you will give us a chance to grow with you.

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