Making Strides Toward Worker Safety

By Dick Belliveau, Sales Rep

I was recently reading an article on safety in Transmission and Distribution World in which they outlined the seven strategies that some electric utilities are using to train their linemen.

These strategies are:

  1. Practice accident response.
  2. Ask for help.
  3. Work with safety minded contractors.
  4. Wear flame-retardant clothing.
  5. Keep your truck stocked with emergency supplies.
  6. Invest in fall protection.
  7. Train your field workforce.

After reading this article, it made me think back to when I started painting transmission structures in 1982. The issues regarding safety has sure improved since then.

Back then, painters wore safety belts with rope lanyards and very seldom tied off to the structure. When it came to safety meetings, they were rarely held, and if they were, not taken seriously.

Now, many electric utilities will toss the painting contractor off of the jobsite if the inspector sees a painter not following the 100% tie off rule. Daily safety meetings are required each morning. In many of the project pre-bid meetings that I attend, the most influential person in the meeting is the safety director.

This is a great stride forward and hopefully this trend will continue with electric utilities and contractors working together toward a safe working environment.

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