Protect Surfaces that are Out of Sight, Out of Mind


Out of sight, out of mind. This can be true for surfaces that don’t often see the light of day and things you don’t use all year round, like swimming pools. In this example, we have a badly-corroded galvanized sheet metal that was behind a pool liner. Just because this surface was out of sight, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be protected with the proper coatings.

Now that we’ve entered the fall season and will be heading into winter in a few short months, it’s a great time to take care of projects like this since you’re probably not doing much swimming at this time of year.


While it might seem like a large, overwhelming project, it’s actually not that bad with a few of our products. Instead of spending vast amounts of time and money cleaning up this surface with abrasive blast cleaning, the owners were able to do a simple wire brushing and scraping before applying Induron MCU62. This moisture-cured urethane coating is a great alternative to more expensive cleanings. We followed it up with a moisture-cured coal-tar finish – Induratar from Induron.

With just those two quick-drying, easy-to-apply coats of paint, the owners have a long-term restoration of sheet metal that was on its way to failure in a year or two. Now, this material is set for another ten to 15 years of near-constant immersion and will definitely be ready for summer 2015!

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