Induron Salesman Shares Insight with WaterTalk

Induron Water Tank Market Manager, Tex Enoch, began working in the paint manufacturing and coatings industry in 1969. Since then, he has witnessed countless changes in the coatings that protect steel water tanks. At this year’s ACE conference, Tex shared some of his industry insights on WaterTalk radio.

Most notably, Tex noted that the coatings themselves have changed over time due to the controls of the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF standards) and the Ozone Transfer Commission. The NSF approves coatings based on an extractable test and the Ozone Transfer Commission controls the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC)  that escape into the air from a coating during the curing process.  Other innovations Tex highlights are that concrete is now used in the pedestals of elevated water tanks and bolted tanks have been replaced by welded tanks.

Tex also spoke on the chemistry involved in the coatings industry and how attracting young chemical engineers is important to the expansion of the industry. Induron itself has pioneered certain technology, such as innovative, user-friendly ceramic epoxies, in the industry.

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