A Tribute to Linc

By: Davies Hood, Induron President

In his 8 years as an Induron salesman, Linc York not only led by example, but he also routinely inspired the Induron sales team with his wise words and esteemed character.  Before retiring, Linc said his goodbyes to the team and left them with a few tidbits of advice. Here are a few things his colleagues had to say that truly speak to Linc’s character and the influence he had on the Induron team:

“Congratulations and thank you for your excellent (too short) tenure at Induron! And, thank you for the sage advice. Don’t lose my email address.” -David Hood, Induron CEO

“First of all, THANK YOU for everything you have done to help me. I’ll never forget all your help! This is very inspirational and I’m sure I’ll need to read it on the days when things aren’t going my way. You are a CLASS ACT!!  I’ll miss you and all your sage advice. (Plato defines the sage as one who becomes ‘righteous and holy and wise.’) Enjoy your retirement my friend, and I’ll try not to call that cell number too often.” -Carl Moye, Induron Sales Representative

“It was my pleasure to get to know and work with you. Thank you for all the help in getting me started in my territory. I hope the next chapter of your life is fulfilling and rewarding. If you’re ever in my neck of the woods, please look me up and we will find some good food somewhere!!” -Russell Hicks, Induron Sales Representative

What all these guys said and more! You are a true coatings professional, in every sense of the word! You also have provided very high-level writing skills, which in this coatings industry has become an essential skill set! You are prolific, fast, and use proper spelling and grammar; and you are a great guy! Thanks for all your input and assistance! As Dick said; if you and Lynn are up in New England, let Patty and I know! Have a great and very long retirement, and enjoy those cruises!” -Kendall Smith, Induron Sales Representative

For Linc, retirement means spending more time with his two daughters and four grandchildren, being more active in his church and going on plenty of cruises! He told us, “You may have heard that when you retire every week has six Saturdays and one Sunday and we are looking forward to all of them.” Though we’re excited to see Linc move on to a new chapter in his life, he will be missed dearly.

Linc, thank you for all you did for Induron and enjoy your retirement!

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