Induron Products Rehabilitate Fort Payne Potable Water Storage Tank

By: Ben Rowland, Induron Sales Representative

Recently, the Fort Payne Water System, located in Fort Payne, Alabama, rehabilitated its 6,000,000-gallon potable water storage tank. Working with Paul Nail of Fort Payne Water and Curt and Trey O’Daniel of Greenhill Engineering, Induron helped assess the condition of the tank and made coatings recommendations accordingly.

Worldwide Industries Corp., an industrial and municipal tank painting contractor based in Butler, Pennsylvania, was awarded the bid to perform the work. Given the size of this major asset to the water system, our goal was to specify the best possible coatings solutions for both the interior and exterior of the tank.

Using Induron’s PermaClean 100 Ceramic Epoxy, the interior of this carbon steel tank will be protected from corrosion. To help combat corrosion, this 100% solids, NSF 61-certified ceramic epoxy offers minimal undercutting, high film build, a non-ablative surface and ultra low permeability, all provided by the coating’s unique formulation.

Atop a mountain in northeast Alabama, the location of this tank exposes it to direct sunlight most days. For the exterior coating system, Induron’s fluoropolymer urethane finish, PermaGloss, was used to provide superior long-term resistance to UV degradation. Having been rigorously tested in long-term UV exposure testing and extremely accelerated methods, such as xenon arc testing, we are confident to have provided one of the very best solutions on the market today.

The project was successfully completed in April of this year. Through the efforts of all parties involved, we’ve successfully protected this asset for many years to come!

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