Working with Heart

By: Tom Wunderlin, Induron Sales Representative

At Induron we are never satisfied with where we are. There is always room for improvement. The harder we work, the more positive results we reap. It requires commitment to the team and buying in to team goals. If you don’t show up, you’re letting the team down.  We all want to be the reliable teammate who consistently performs, shows up and works hard with focus, determination and heart.

However, there are times when we all may feel drained and exhausted.  In those times, you have a decision to make: Do you begin to work at 50 percent, ignoring details and giving up opportunities to the competition?  Or, do you refocus, recharge and pour every bit of yourself into the tasks to work harder and smarter than everyone? What you choose to do in these moments, despite how you feel and whether it looks like you are going to come out on top, determines the level of heart that you possess. I am fortunate to be surrounded by coworkers, teammates and managers that have heart, lead by example and demonstrate nimbleness and creativity daily. They are encouraging, understanding, unselfish, honest, humble, resilient, optimistic and fun.

To work with heart means to give so much of yourself during challenging times and be proud of your efforts regardless of success or failure. True leaders possess a fire that ignites right at the moments when overcoming and persevering seem physically and mentally impossible. True competitors seem to always find the strength to give 100 percent every time they are challenged and refuse to be less prepared or out hustled by others.

It’s important to understand that sometimes, managers and supervisors are not always looking for the most talented individuals, but rather the ones that work with heart, are coachable and can be shaped into more skilled team members. They look for those that understand, recognize and adjust to the culture of the company. So, rather than just focusing on skills, work on your character and work ethic to rally yourself and team during demanding moments.

A good place to start showing more heart is in preparation and planning.  There are certainly those days you feel off your game. This is when an individual with heart will step up and put forth the extra effort to re-energize, re-focus and rally. As you begin to focus on giving your all every time, you may notice the level of commitment is contagious. Your coworkers and teammates will begin to do the same right alongside you.

Be the influencer, the inspiration, the motivation, the leader, and the one that gives the best effort every day with so much heart that it becomes contagious. When you become this person, your dreams of succeeding at a higher level will become a reality and impact everyone.

Induron employees have heart and are passionate about what they are doing. This helps us stay together as a team. The most important measure of the team is how much better we are as a unit. We are a team, end of story.


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