Lockdown and Seal Your Substrate with E-Bond 100 Penetrating Sealer

Ebond 100 penetrating sealerAs an ideal primer for those tough conditions where sandblasting is just not practical, E-Bond 100 Penetrating Sealer is the perfect solution. Originally designed for touching up rusty steel in a below grade mining environment, E-Bond 100 is now commonly used as a primer for a variety of hard-to-coat surfaces. When you need to lockdown and seal your substrate, E-Bond is the product to get the job done! This low viscosity, two component, solvent free epoxy is specially formulated to penetrate and seal concrete, rusted steel, and/or tightly adhered existing coatings.

What is a penetrating sealer? 

As the name indicates, a penetrating sealer is a low viscosity product designed to penetrate rough and/or porous surfaces and protect them from further damage and corrosion. Fortunately, modern epoxy technology has enabled the development of solvent free, 100% SBV penetrating sealers, which provide this solution in a prime coat that can be topcoated with a variety of Induron finishes. This ‘green,’ labor-saving development has created an obvious upgrade. 

Benefits of using a penetrating sealer

When using a penetrating sealer or primer, you gain these desirable properties: 

  • No curing stresses that pull off old coatings caused by solvents and shrinking, as it is 100% SBV (Solvent-free) and unpigmented (zero or low shrinkage/internal stress).
  • High degree of wetting, adhesion and capillary action (Very low viscosity and significant penetration into voids) and is applied in a thin film at 1.0-2.0 mils DFT.
  • Tie-down existing old coatings; wick under loose edges and into tight crevices.
  • A prolonged period where the penetrant sealer remains wet/tacky prior to full-cure. It does not become slippery as quickly as some other sealers.
  • Tougher and more chemical resistant than alkyd primers.
  • Upgrades the resistance properties of the full coating system.
  • Optimal application via paint mitt, pound brush, roller, et. al.

In comparison to other surface tolerant primers, E-Bond 100 provides increased moisture and chemical resistance. When used as recommended, E-Bond 100 is 100% solids, zero VOC, and will not shrink or entrap solvent upon curing. And, when used on concrete, E-Bond will mitigate outgassing and improve adhesion of subsequent coatings. 

Common applications of E-Bond 100 Penetrating Sealer

E-Bond 100 has saved utility companies millions of dollars and provides protection that rivals the protection offered by more labor-intensive coating systems. It has become a predictable specification for T&D structures. For example, E-Bond was specified on Georgia Power’s Concrete Power Poles and on high-voltage transmission poles in New Hampshire

Learn more about E-Bond Penetrating Sealer here or contact an Induron sales representative near you.

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