Georgia Power Concrete Poles: Not Your Usual Specification

By: Kendall Smith, Induron Power Market Manager

Usually, the coatings specifications for T&D structures are predictable. For example, in North America, weathered galvanized, high-voltage, electric transmission poles, towers and substation structures are often protected with sealers and coatings that are surface-tolerant, low stress on aged coatings, easy-to-apply, high-solids, high-build, and proven to protect for 20-25 years in one or two coats.

Normally, Induron’s Ebond Penetrating Sealer, a 100% SBV low-viscosity epoxy, and Induraguard 9200 , a high-solids, high-build, single-component, self-priming one-coat solution, are specified for T&D structures. This coating system provides the longest-lasting protection at the absolute lowest cost per square foot per year ninety-nine percent of the time. Specifying any other coating system, especially one that is unproven has proven to be unwise.

But, on occasion, one aspect of a coating job takes precedence in the decision-making process. The exposure conditions of a structure, such as extreme chemical exposure, immersion or are buried in soils, can impact the specified coatings solution.

In this coating project, the power poles were concrete, located near an airport runway and partially hidden by trees. Consequently, the owner, a very large electric utility in Georgia, required high visibility, long-term gloss and color retention (even when facing Southern exposure). Plus, the substrate was unusual compared to most T&D applications. These unique factors affected the “usual specification.”

In the end, the versatile penetrating sealer, Ebond, was still specified, which is the same coating we specify on rusty, galvanized steel. However, Induron’s Indurathane 6600 was selected to provide long-term gloss and color retention in aviation colors. Indurathane 6600 is a high-solids, high-gloss, acrylic polyurethane finish and provides outstanding performance in the most severe climates. As you can see in the pictures below, this unique coating system is performing extremely well after several years of exposure.








At Induron, we invest ourselves in your success and satisfaction. If the “usual specification” doesn’t suffice for your project, we will find a superior solution that gets the job done. Induron is proud to have worked with the leader in transmission tower painting, Public Utilities Maintenance (P.U.M.), to complete this project. P.U.M. not only has an impeccable safety record, but also has multi-generational experience in dealing with materials, regulations and the ever-changing dynamics of the T&D marketplace, which is proved by the high-quality of their work.

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