The HAZCOM song!

by Davies Hood, Executive VP, Induron Coatings

When you work around chemicals that can make you look like a zombie out of a Michael Jackson video, you pay attention to labels. Fortunately, the government loads us down with binders of rules and regulations that require small bulldozers to shift. Tedious, to say the least. However, they can sometimes be the difference between life and death.

I know that sounds a little melodramatic. The truth of the matter is that the result of carelessness will probably ONLY be injury or financial repercussions for you and/or your employer.

But now learning can be fun. Just as reading has the Alphabet Song; hazardous materials on the job now have the HAZCOM song.

We have a love/hate relationship with MSDS’s, Haz-Mat labels and flammable stickers. They provide quick, thorough information about chemicals and are of critical importance for those of us in the chemical business. But there’s much to learn to understand them, though we highly respect them. So now you can learn about them with a melody you’ll be humming all day.

We don’t want to belittle the importance of care and awareness. Safety is of prime importance to us, to protect our customers and everyone else who come in contact with our potentially dangerous goods. But you don’t have to be stodgy and tedious to be informed.

Click here to watch this entertaining music video of the HAZCOM song.

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