Want long lasting service from your coating?

by Jeff White, Sales Manager of Field Technical Services, Induron Coatings

If you’ve been around the industrial painting business for long then you know that no matter how good the paint, without proper surface preparation, it is difficult to get the designed service life. Factor in immersion, and it’s especially difficult to get good service. Here at Induron, we are advocates for grit blasting surfaces intended for immersion because of the harsh service environment.

In their April 2011 issue, The Journal of Protective Coatings and Linings (JPCL) published an article titled “Angels & Demons”. The author’s findings indicate that grit blasting with a minimum 3 mil profile is the “best practice” for prepping immersed surfaces.

Here at Induron, we’ve been touting that same philosophy for years. As a matter of fact, we would take the conclusion one step further by stating that not only is grit blasting the best practice for prepping immersed surfaces, but that grit blasting with a non-metallic grit is the best practice for today’s low VOC and solvent-free coatings.

It appears that other folks agree with us. Below is a link to that article. Take some time to read it, and you will agree that proper surface preparation is the foundation for long-lasting service.

Click here for the JCPL article “Angels and Demons”

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