Technology vs. the Old Fashioned Way

By Barry Peters

In today’s business climate with cell phones, email and all the other technological advances that allow for immediate communication, it’s considered a desirable trait to be on the “cutting edge.” These “gadgets” supposedly enhance the customer’s overall experience. In my capacity as Customer Service Manager at Induron, I have found some truths that seem to confound these technologies.

I have the opportunity to purchase needed materials from large suppliers for the day to day operations of my department. The larger the supplier, the more intent they seem to be on giving service that utilize these technologies &/or “gadgets.”

At Induron, we indeed utilize these means to inform and communicate with our customers, but these have always been secondary to the one on one “old fashioned” phone conversations with our suppliers, associates and customers.

There is nothing more satisfying or more efficient than getting to know an applicator, purchasing agent or engineer by their first name and being able to communicate as two people involved in a common goal. We often confuse other departments by referring to the individual rather than the company, because we have developed that kind of rapport. Most of our business conversations start with catching up on what’s going on in the lives of our clients.

To me, this is what relationship selling is all about. Great products, great service and the opportunity to know and really understand customers. This forges alliances that are based on a “golden rule attitude.” Is it old fashioned? You bet, and we’re proud of that.

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