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Induron Family Q&A: Ricky Germany

Ricky GermanyAt Induron, our Customer Service department is a key component in ensuring our customers get the products and information they need. Ricky Germany is the newest member of our Customer Service department, and we’re glad to have him on board!

Ricky has been with Induron since October, and in the few months he’s been here, has really become the “voice of Induron.” When customers call us, he’s usually the first person they talk to, whether they need to place an order, get a product recommendation or ask a question.

Learn a little more about Ricky:

If you were any animal, what would you be and why?

The animal that I would most like to be is a Fossa. It is highly intelligent and adaptive, lives in a tropical environment and has no natural predators.

What is your biggest professional mistake and success?

I cannot think of a professional mistake worth mentioning – either I have not had one or have selective memory suppression (I vote for the latter). As far as success, the following of clientele I achieved during my retail career – having people drive out of their way to come and deal with me exclusively – was very satisfying. Continue reading Induron Family Q&A: Ricky Germany