Induron: Keeping You From Looking like a Dummy

By David Hood, Induron CEO

By David Hood, Induron CEO

Nobody likes to look like an dummy. Especially you.

Now, Induron can’t keep you from looking like an dummy if you install a ceiling fan and forget to cut off the electricity at the breaker box.  Or if you try your wife’s yoga class.  Or if you dress up like the back end of a horse for Halloween.

But we CAN help prevent it if you work with us on a project. Let me explain.

When we say that we’re with you before, during and after a project, we don’t just mean that we’re standing there, hovering over you, watching you work (because that would be strange). We mean that our sales reps want to ensure that the owner of the project is pleased.

What does that mean?

It means that, generally, a project’s owner doesn’t care HOW a structure gets painted – he just cares that it’s protected and that he’s not going to have to shell out money again in the near future to fix something that went wrong. That’s where we REALLY come in – we know our products and their application so well, that we can save you time and money BEFORE something goes wrong.

When we’re included in your spec, we can adjust our information to fit other ideas, or suggest more efficient ways of doing things that might save time or money. When we’re with you during the project, we can suggest adjustments when, say, the weather won’t cooperate. And since we’re always there for you after a project, we’re there with any questions that come up after the fact.

Here are two good examples of how having Induron on your team can equal real, tangible savings:

  • Induron was involved in painting a water tank that had been erected and primed with a beige primer. It was out in the country and the base was covered in mud… BEIGE colored mud. It was actually uncanny how similar the colors were! The painter was getting ready to start painting, when our rep went over to the tank and realized the base was covered in mud. Thankfully, it was cleaned off before the painting was done, or they would have had a real mess on their hands, and most likely would have had to blast the paint off, clean, and repaint.
  • Another time, we were involved with a water tank that was being erected, but being primed in-shop. Just before the painter was about to start, our rep used one of the most sophisticated tools at his disposal – his fingernail (ha) – and realized that the primer coat had never cured because it was too thick. Since he caught that before the final coat of paint went on, it was easily blasted off and the primer was reapplied in the correct thickness. Had it been painted with the primer on too thick, you would have never known where the paint was OK and where it needed to be reapplied – which would have caused it to be stripped and painted twice.

The bottom line is that when things aren’t done right from the get-go, you can often times have catastrophic results. Having Induron with you helps ensure that we can catch issues before they turn into real problems, saving you time and money, and, possibly even more importantly – saving you from disaster. Because NONE of us like that!

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