The Evolution of a Water Tank

By: Tex Enoch, Induron Sales Representative

First, there is a need. In this case, Yalick Farms, a community outside of Dallas, PA, needed an elevated storage tank to support a growing community.  Aqua PA responded by working with GHD engineers out of Harrisburg to determine the amount and type of storage needed.  

The Project 

Once determined, Caldwell Tanks out of Louisville, KY was selected to fabricate, shop prime and erect a 200,000 gallon spheroid, 100 feet to high water level and 40 feet in diameter tank to support that need.  Caldwell, as the general contractor, then selected I.K Stoltzfus Service  Company out of Manheim, PA to complete  the field surface preparation and  painting. 

The parts of the team still required to complete the project were:

  1. The shop and field inspection company to ensure the specifications were correctly interpreted and followed.  MBA out of NEWARK, DE was selected for this task.
  2. The coating supplier that would supply the interior and exterior coating system to both protect the tank from corroding and provide an exterior finish coat that the owner and community could enjoy for many years to come.  Induron Protective Coatings was selected to be that supplier.

The Coatings Solution

In conjunction with GHD, MBA and the Aqua PA, Induron specified the following interior and exterior coating systems: 

Interior Coating System:

  • Surface Preparation: SSPC SP10 Near White Blast Cleaning 
  • Painting:

Exterior Coating System:

All of the above companies have worked together many times in the past and trusted that each of their specific roles in this project would be done according to, or exceeding, the specifications.  This indeed proved to be the case.  It once again proved that putting a proven team together to execute and complete a critical project is a path for sure success.  It was a privilege to be part of that team!


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