Ceramapure PL-90 Ceramic Epoxy: The All-In-One Pipe Lining Solution

Protect your pipes with the “all-in-one” pipe lining solution. With Ceramapure PL-90 Ceramic Epoxy, Induron brings decades of experience and technology to the pipe market that offers an especially unique barrier coating.

The two-component, high-solids and chemically-cured epoxy is formulated for the protection of pipe and fittings for water or sewer service. Ceramapure provides the highest level of corrosion and abrasion resistance while being AWWA C-210 compliant. The epoxy is also certified to NSF/ANSI International Standard 61 for potable water immersion service for pipe diameters of four inches or larger.

Ceramapure can be used in many ways to effectively protect a pipeline. PL-90 has been used successfully for raw water intake lines, water treatment injection points, wastewater treatment piping, gravity sewers, reverse osmosis plants, saltwater piping, storm sewer outfalls, sewer force mains and industrial process piping. The lining is also safe for membrane filtration systems.

Plus, the extensive testing proves Ceremapure worthy of its nickname, the “all-in-one” pipe lining solution. In fact, an independent lab that tested PL-90 reported, “It is unusual for a coating to present with such a small amount of cathodic disbandment after the ASTM G-95 test. The disbandment caused by the cathodic current appeared to be less than 2 mm for all panels … water vapor transmission must be very low.”

With Ceramapure PL-90 Ceramic Epoxy, Induron can help you insure the long-term success of your next pipe project.

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