The future is uncertain, but we know we’ll all be thirsty!

Here’s a terrific article in Water World magazine on our nation’s water infrastructure.  And it’s got me thinking…

As our nation tries to pull itself out of “the worst economy since the Great Depression” in the midst of spiraling national debt that I believe will eventually cripple us, the AWWA (American Water Works Association) seems to have come up with a long-term solution that will help our economy.  It’s a solution that’s affordable and preserves a natural resource that is one of the fundamental necessities of life: drinking water. AWWA has suggested to the Obama Administration the inclusion of funding for water systems as part of the proposed federal infrastructure bank. While most of the drinking water infrastructure in the US is 80-100 years old and is made out of steel, ductile iron and concrete (all building materials with finite life spans), most of the current “political” conversation is centered on roads and bridges. Don’t get me wrong, transportation is important for a vibrant economy, but water is necessary for life. Existing, in-ground water lines are approximately 20 times the length of the US Interstate System.

Let’s do our best to ensure that these lines and our drinking water systems overall are adequately maintained. Because I plan on being thirsty in the future!

Davies Hood, Executive VP, Induron

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