How safe is safe enough?

As an executive in the industrial paint manufacturing business, safety is a topic that is consistently on my mind. Heavy equipment, flammables and hazardous materials are run-of-the-mill for me & the employees here at Induron. Likewise our customers in the construction and manufacturing industries deal with safety day-in and day-out. If we didn’t do a good job with safety then we’d all be out of business. However, this article from TPO Treatment Plant Operator asks a great question; “How safe is safe enough?”

The only acceptable answer here – and it is clearly stated in the article –  is ZERO.

Unfortunately, 3 individuals at different locations lost their lives within a 2 week period this summer while working in the wastewater industry. Could these accidents have been prevented? The three individuals who lost their lives certainly can’t answer that question. I can assure you that I and all of the other Induron employees will pay a little more attention during our next monthly safety meeting. I hope you and your co-workers do too!

Davies Hood, EVP, Induron Coatings

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