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Cogeneration: A win-win

By Hayne Crum, Induron Chemist

I recently read an interesting article at Environmental Expert about a wastewater treatment facility in Adelaide, Australia, that uses cogeneration to reduce emissions AND produce needed energy.

Typically, water and wastewater treatment facilities have very long lifetimes (50+ years). In the Adelaide facility case, gases – mostly methane – from the waste treatment are being used to generate energy to run the plant. This kind ofcogeneration has been around for a while, but is picking up steam. (Pun intended!)

In this instance, the cogeneration saves the plant money by changing its capital cost and reducing the plant’s energy costs. In fact, with this system, the plant can pay for its generators in just eight years. Additionally, the cogeneration prevents methane from escaping into the air. Methane is more than 100 times the greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide is, which means it is much worse for the environment.

The capital costs of implementing cogeneration are high. However, the procedure pays for itself, or even makes a profit, IF the facility lasts ONLY least eight years. Induron makes paint that protects the piping and holding tanks for this type of facility, helping them run more efficiently and last longer. We recommend using Permaclean 100, or Ceramsafe 90. Both are green products because they are free of HAPS (Hazardous Air Polutants) and VERY low in VOC content, with PermaClean 100 being 100% solids and the Cermansafe having a VOC of 81 gm/l. These products have life expectancies of 15+ years when used per our recommendations.  This means you get 7+ years of profit from the generators even before you repaint the pipes or tanks! Continue reading Cogeneration: A win-win

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Paint the Sky or Protect It?

By Hayne Crum, Induron Senior Chemist

As a senior chemist at Induron, I try to keep up with a wide range of research.  I recently read an article in Paintsquare News entitled, “Can Paint Protect from Global Warming?” The article discussed the global warming problem and whether a balloon spouting stratospheric aerosols could work toward decreasing global warming. In essence, they want to paint the sky to keep some of the sun’s harmful rays out.

It’s an interesting thought, but with many possible drawbacks. But it got me thinking about things Induron is doing that might help the global warming issue.

I am not convinced that carbon dioxide is a huge problem with regards to global warming, but we do know it contributes. According to the IPCC report, methane is currently the bigger contributor. There is speculation that will change, but methane is definitely a problem.

Natural gas (methane) is the most efficient of the fossil fuels, but containing it is a problem.  However, it is becoming more and more available as new methods of extraction have been discovered.  And what’s the lowest-cost, lowest-loss method of transporting this potentially dangerous fuel? Pipelines. Continue reading Paint the Sky or Protect It?

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