Routine Repaint of Valparaiso, IN Storage Tanks

By: Dick Belliveau, Induron Sales Representative        

Valparasio, IN Flint Lake TankDue to recent construction and required repairs, two 2-2 MG ground storage tanks in Valparaiso, IN needed some maintenance. One tank was located near the airport and the other tank was near Flint Lake. Induron supplied painting contractor Jetco Painting with the necessary products to get the job done.

To paint the interior of the Flint Lake tank, Jetco Painting used Indurazinc MC67/PE-70/PE-70. As a moisture-cured, aromatic urethane organic zinc-rich primer, Indurazinc MC67 provides excellent galvanic protection for carbon steel substrates. It has the durability, toughness, and adhesion of a densely cross-linked polyurethane binder to provide outstanding long-term corrosion protection. For this job, Indurazinc MC67 was used as the primer in a multi-coat system designed for the protection of steel in potable water immersion and aggressive exposures of many chemical fumes. Our NSF Std. 61-approved PE-70 Epoxy, which is a two-component, high-solids, self-priming epoxy coating formulated for superior resistance to water-borne chemicals and other aggressive environments, was used in addition to Indurazinc MC67.
On the exterior of the Flint Lake tank, a combination of Indurazinc MC67, Induramastic 85 and Indurethane 6600 Plus was used. Induramastic 85 is formulated to provide long-term protection for unpainted or previously painted steel without requiring costly sandblasting. Because it provides long-term gloss and color retention and exterior durability, Indurethane 6600 was the perfect product to use as the finish coat for this tank. It also meets the finish coat requirements of ANSI/AWWA D102-06 System Designation OCS-5 and OCS-6 and provides greater than 50% extended protection from ultra-violet light. The characteristics of these products made them the ideal coating system for the Flint Lake tank.

Valparaiso, IN Airport TankThe airport tank was also scheduled for some routine maintenance and interior support repairs. To accomplish this task, Jetco used the same interior coating system as the Flint Lake tank (Indurazinc MC67/PE-70/PE-70) and P-30 and Aquanaut II to coat the exterior. P-30 is a universal primer often applied to structural steel or tankage where excellent corrosion protection is required and/or the topcoat is unknown.  Likewise, this primer is useful as a barrier coat over old, conventional finishes to allow high-performance finish coats. Aquanaut II, a new state-of-the-art, single-component, water-borne, chemically-resistant and acrylic gloss enamel, was used to finish the exterior of this tank. Offering long-term corrosion protection and mildew resistance as well as gloss and color retention, Aquanaut II was the best coat to use on this tank.

Fortunately, these particular jobs did not present any unique challenges and the repairs were made without a hitch. We enjoyed working with Jetco Painting on this project and look forward to working with them again! Valparasio, IN Flint Lake Tank

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