Product Spotlight: Ceramasafe 90 Ceramic Epoxy

Ceramasafe 90 Ceramic Epoxy is the ideal solution for a wide range of wastewater and treatment plant applications. While Induron’s Protecto 401 Ceramic Epoxy has been the industry standard for handling untreated wastewater influent for decades, Ceramasafe 90 brings this same 35-year track record of ceramic epoxy performance to the rest of your treatment plant assets.

About Ceramic Epoxy Technology

If you have worked with an Induron representative, you have probably heard the term Ceramic Epoxy. Ceramic Epoxy refers to a unique pigment package that Induron adds to epoxy technologies, which are already ubiquitous in our industry. For example, if you have determined that polyamide epoxy, or cycloaliphatic epoxy is what’s best for your service, you don’t need to reevaluate that decision to utilize Ceramic Epoxy. Induron manufactures these high-quality epoxy technologies and adds the ceramic pigment package to impart a host of beneficial properties.

About Ceramasafe 90

We aren’t reinventing the wheel, but we are making it a lot better. And that is just what we did with Ceramasafe 90. As a two-component, high solids, cyclo-aliphatic amine cured epoxy modified with a unique ceramic pigment package, Ceramasafe 90 provides low permeability, good chemical and corrosion resistance and superior barrier protection. Most competitive products add significant cost and complication to a project by requiring plural component application equipment, but Ceramasafe 90 can be applied up to 40 mils in a single coat with standard airless spray equipment. This high-build, high-performance coating is formulated for maximum corrosion protection of steel, non-ferrous metals and concrete substrates, exposed to corrosive wastewater environments that produce hydrogen sulfide. Additionally, at less than 100 grams/liter of VOC’s or HAP’s, Ceramasafe 90 is air quality compliant in the most stringent of regulated regions.

Ceramasafe 90 Application

Ceramasafe 90 is a self-priming product and can be applied over Induron products, including CeramaPrime, PE-70, AquaClean, Perma-Clean II Primer, Indurazinc MC-67 or itself. At 90% volume solids, Ceramasafe 90 has a coverage rate of approximately 1440 square feet at 1.0 mil dry film thickness. For most applications, it is recommended to apply 1-2 coats of Ceramasafe 90 at 15.0-40.0 mils per coat.

To learn more about Ceramasafe 90 and review its technical data, click here.


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