How is Paint Manufacturing Like Baking a Cake?

How is paint manufacturing like baking a cake? While it seems like a silly question, baking a cake is a simple, and tasty, analogy to explain the paint manufacturing process. Induron President Davies Hood explains how the two processes are similar in this video. 


In paint manufacturing, we are mixing a lot of different materials together to make a chemical resistant epoxy or polyurethane coating. However, there are always four raw materials, like the main ingredients in baking: 

  1. Pigments are the solid material used in paint manufacturing similar to how flour is used to bake a cake. 
  2. Resin is the backbone that holds everything together in paint manufacturing, just like an egg holds everything together in baking a cake. The resins we use here at Induron are typically epoxies and polyurethanes. 
  3. Solvents provide moisture, or the flow, that enables the paint to easily spray or roll out onto a surface, similar to adding milk to your cake mix.
  4. Additives are the paint colors or specialized protective elements in paint manufacturing that are similar to adding flavoring, such as chocolate or strawberry, to your cake mix.

See? Paint manufacturing is like baking a cake! We like to make things easy to understand. 

We have the right coatings solution, or cake, to meet and exceed your needs for the corrosion protection of your assets and to provide a long-lasting, aesthetically-pleasing appearance. We manufacture only the best protective coatings using the highest quality ingredients and quality control standards. Our specialty is developing and manufacturing industry leading products, like our innovative ceramic modified industrial coatings, for markets including general corrosion protection, electrical transmission tower maintenance, industrial epoxy floor coating, specialty industrial finishes and potable water tank paint. 

At Induron, we provide complete end-to-end support for our coatings and partners. From the original coating project to ongoing maintenance and service, your success, satisfaction, and reputation are our highest priority. 

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