New Year, New Opportunities

2016 loadingBy David Hood, Induron CEO

Each year, we pretend that Jan. 1 gives us an opportunity to “start over.” However, none of the important cycles begin or end with the New Year. Not business cycles, not climate cycles, not life cycles, not even school years. The issues we faced in December are still with us, yet we hope that Jan.1 will be the start of something new.

With that being said, here are my thoughts on the big issues we’re facing in 2016.

First, there’s politics. During 2016, the United States will elect a new President and re-order both the House and Senate. I predict the result will be a move toward the right because the left seems to have overplayed its hand during the past several years.

The biggest fear most of us in “industry” have is our own government. Regulators are being set upon us like the flying monkeys in Oz. If these excesses are not moderated or reversed by the next set of elected officials, I see a very difficult business environment coming.

The United States is the only nation with the military, economy and stability to be called a “superpower.” We must use this power wisely. Instead of conquering other nations, we should lead in the worldwide drive for stability.

Energy is another issue. The entrepreneurs in the oil/gas world have created the ability to supply the US with its energy needs at a cost of less than $35/bbl within the next few years. This innovation will spark a positive change in our balance of payments and significant changes in economic power distribution worldwide.

On a more personal and local level, I’m confident 2016 will be a great year for Induron. We have an expanding sales force in the right markets—both geographically and end-use. We have a “home” team producing innovative products consistently and efficiently. We have the capacity to produce substantially greater than current demand and a team of people anxious to deliver. Our sales efforts have been strategic and diligent for some time now, and time is on our side.

I can hardly wait to see what 2016 brings as we continue to provide reliable protection through innovative coatings!

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