MLB players dream of scores as high as ours

by Jeff White, Sales Manager, Induron Coatings

It’s hot, and baseball season is in full swing. Guess what else is hot? Induron’s Perma-Gloss Fluorourethane.

Perma-Gloss knocks it out of the park when compared to the minimum requirements of AWWA D-102-06 for a finish coat on Outside Coating System No. 4 (OCS-4).

OCS-4 minimum requirements (not sure if you can really call it minimum, as it is one of the toughest requirements out there) is 95% gloss retention after a minimum of 1252 MJ/m sq exposed per the EMMAQUA test procedure.

What is EMMAQUA? Think exposure in the hot Arizona desert with specialized mirrors directing the light on the test panels for a long time. Think intense.

Induron’s Perma-Gloss almost accomplished the impossible with an average score of 98.67% gloss retention with no test panels returning rates below 98% gloss retention.

Don’t you wish your favorite Major League Baseball team could achieve a batting average of .9867? If they could, you would have a guaranteed winner in October’s pennant race.

Don’t wait until the World Series to pick a winner. When you specify Induron’s Perma-Gloss for your projects that need long-term exterior durability, you have a winner for years to come.

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