“Look Beneath the Surface.” It’s more than just a slogan.

by Davies Hood
Executive VP, Induron Protective Coatings

Induron: Look Beneath the Surface.”  That’s our tag-line. More importantly it’s who we are. Yes it’s a play on words, because we are in the paint business and paint is used to protect or beautify the surface level.  We also have some competitors who look really good on the surface (don’t we all).  But it’s more than just a clever play on words. It’s about the people that work here at Induron that are all much “deeper” than just surface level.

I know it might sound corny, but we really act like a family around here. Yes, I have a sister who I fought with growing up like cats and dogs, but at the end of the day, there was no one I was more willing to go to bat for than her.

That’s the attitude we strive for at Induron. Since we end up spending more time working together than we do with our family and friends, we do try to have some fun. More importantly, we try to play as a team.

Effective teams treat each other with respect; they praise successes loudly and deal with mistakes as a learning opportunity. When changes need to be made, that occurs behind closed doors. Then we move on and get better. Good management is certainly an integral part of good teamwork, but so are being open to change and a good listener.

Communication within any organization of team is critical for success. It’s a two-way street. When egos or fear of failure get in the way, communication suffers and, as a result, teamwork suffers.

The culture here is one of good teamwork, not fear. With this post, we’re not trying to bang on our chest, we’re merely trying to pat those that deserve the credit on the shoulder. In fact, the culture here — and the people we attract and work to hold onto — are so good that three members of our Operations Team are second-generation Induron employees!

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