Induron Adds InduraPlan for the Transmission & Distribution Industry

t&dWe are happy to announce that we have created an InduraPlan program for customers of the Transmission and Distribution (T&D) industry.

The plan adds the element of time to structures and transmission lines by properly creating an asset preservation plan for these utilities. Through a pre-planning meeting, Induron provides a presentation demonstrating their proven methods used to evaluate the environment based on global and locally accepted standards and specifications ideally suited to the needs of T&D corrosion prevention.

Through the InduraPlan, Induron also offers a survey of electric transmission lines to rank the corrosion level of each structure using both commonly accepted U.S. and global standards, such as SSPC, ASTM, NACE, ISO, NORSOK and others. From these efforts, a written survey will be created and provided to the customer.

The rating and ranking of the environment will be paired to the condition ranking of each structure, generating a surface preparation and coatings specification ideally suited to each company’s specific combination of corrosion ingredients. Other factors can then be added, and a priority ranking will be generated from this data. This will result in a coatings specification for the customer’s entire transmission system, or just a few structures.

Once these tasks have been completed, Induron will visit the customer’s facility to train inspectors, engineers and painters in hands-on methods for most effectively cleaning, preparing and painting T&D structures and equipment.

For more information or to get started with InduraPlan, contact Kendall Smith at

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