Why Quality Control Also Means Consistency at Induron

John AnspachBy John Anspach, Technical Director

Many people seem to confuse “quality control” with what is actually “consistency control”. We at Induron work really hard at measuring both consistency and quality to assure that our customers get consistent products that provide the application properties they need and the reliable protection for which they are paying.

Consistency control measures the physical properties of a product such as viscosity, color, density, flow, dry time, etc. The objective is to assure that the product being manufactured is the same every time. Induron has procedures to assure that every product released from its factory meets a consistency standard. That is a good thing and essential to providing customer confidence, but it does not measure whether the product will do what it is intended to do.

The quality for which we strive is to provide reliable protection through innovative coatings. We know we do that because every batch in production is subjected to several important tests. Those tests and the results expected are carefully prescribed by the chemist who created or modified the product in the first place. That chemist, working with sales, marketing and/or customers decides which tests will demonstrate the required performance as well as application properties, cure time, etc. required. Only when the product passes that product-specific set of tests and meets pre-established quantified results will it be released for shipment.

So when we say “quality control” we mean both quality and consistency. When one of our innovative coatings meets the standards set forth by our professional chemists, we know that it will provide reliable protection.

Our customers and their customers can know that as well.

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