FastPrime Increases Efficiency for Maverick OilField Services

By: Jamie Laid, Induron Sales Representative

Maverick OilField Services prepares and paints for oil and gas companies across the country. Specifically, Maverick performs dry abrasive blasting onsite using an IR heated spray booth. 

The Challenge

Maverick recently realized that their current painting system was slowing them down. The slow dry time and recoat window were making it difficult to keep work flowing through their spray booth. Maverick reached out to Induron for a more efficient painting system. 

Maverick fabricates compressor stations, skids, and fire tubes onsite, which are blasted to SSPC SP-6/NACE 3 with a 1-3 mil angular profile. Maverick applies the painting system with an airless paint sprayer while constantly taking environmentals with an Elcometer Dew Point Meter. The wet film thickness is taken at 2-5 mil wet film thickness. 

The Solution

Induron recommended applying our FastPrime Universal Phenolic Fast Prime Primer with an airless sprayer. 

FastPrime is a quick-drying, rust-preventative primer made with high quality alkyd resins and pigments to provide exceptional corrosion resistance and adhesion to carbon steel and cast iron with minimal surface preparation. It can be top-coated with alkyd enamel finishes and is formulated to comply with Steel Structures Painting Council Painting System Guide No. 7.00 Section 5.1.3.

FastPrime was observed to dry to the touch within 10 minutes with temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, we recommended re-coating the work with Induron’s DTM alkyd within 30 minutes of primer application.

The Results

Our customer saw a value in the higher solids primer because it decreased their dry and recoat time by 400 percent. Though their cost increased by $8 per gallon, Maverick’s throughput increased so much that it saves them money in the end. Following Induron’s recommendation and this project, the customer has issued a purchase order for 100 gallons of FastPrime and switched the product specification for the oil and gas end user! 

At Induron, we are all about providing our customers with innovative solutions that increase efficiency and cut costs like these. If you need technical support with any coating-related issue, we’ve got the expertise. Because at Induron, “getting it right” is who we are. 



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