DTM Permastic Shows Off on Rail Tank Cars


By: David Parnell, Induron National Business Development and Distribution Manager

The rail repair and refurbishment business is a very large marketplace with many owners and repair shops located all over North America. Induron has the right products for this market.  Our goal in the rail market is to give the customers what they need to protect not only their valuable assets (i.e. the rail cars), but also the valuable cargo inside the hopper cars, tank cars and freight cars. 

The good folks at Alabama Railcar Services (ARS) in Ozark, Alabama worked with Induron to apply our Permastic DTM Urethane to the exterior of two rail cars for WCHX Rail, which will add years of service to the cars’ exteriors.

This Permastic Polyurethane is a special-designed DTM urethane for storage tank exteriors in many markets, especially rail repair. It is a high-solids, high-build, direct-to-metal, aliphatic polyester polyurethane coating. This product protects steel, properly-prepared and primed concrete, and masonry in moderate-to-severe environments from corrosion and provides excellent long-term gloss and color retention.  As a high-performance chemical and stain-resistant coating, it performs well in a variety of aggressive environments. The color options for this product are virtually unlimited, and it is available in both gloss and satin finishes.

Induron is no stranger to providing premier protective coatings, tank storage linings and paints. In fact, for more than 70 years, we have been tackling all kinds of tank projects, and railcars are simply storage tanks on the tracks.  Induron is excited to enter the rail car industry and continue to provide high-quality products that yield superior results.

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