A Letter from our President Regarding COVID-19

Dear Induron Family,
With all of the ongoing international concern related to COVID-19, I would like to assure you that Induron Coatings, LLC is doing everything in our power to provide a safe workspace for our employees, comply with all federal and local ordinances, and meet the demands of our extremely important customers.

With the somewhat fluid situation surrounding the novel coronavirus and government efforts to slow the spread, we wanted to let you know that Induron has been categorized as an essential business as per current governmental guidance on both a federal and local level.
As a manufacturer of coatings and linings for critical infrastructure including the water, sewer, and electrical industries, we have been deemed essential and are currently intent on continuing operations in a safe workplace and take logical measures to ensure the safety of our entire family, our employees, our suppliers, our partners, and most importantly, our customers.
Davies Hood,
Induron President

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