Collaboration Leads to a Win-Win

By John Anspach, Induron VP of Operations

Recently, Induron’s sales and technical organization met with the heads of the Physics & Chemistry Departments at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).  The purpose of the meeting was for us to learn about the university’s capability to conduct third-party coatings testing. This could support our current and future customers’ analytical needs by providing needed support and added value. In addition, our hope was to find new and unique ways to evaluate these coatings.

How did this collaboration begin? With the support of the Birmingham Business Alliance, this effort was made possible by bringing the joint parties together quickly. The opportunity for a university and a coatings company to work together may not be new, but in this case, it is uniquely different.

With the development of advanced performance coatings at Induron, pushing the capability of these coatings can be enhanced with unique third party testing that provides new and challenging evaluation that’s beyond our capabilities.

This joint effort provides challenging new ways for UAB to utilize their expertise and analytical departments, while providing important test results never before realized for Induron.  This has the potential to change how we develop and test coatings going forward.

As this collaborative effort continues, this should certainly lead to a win-win for both Induron and UAB!   We’ll keep you posted.

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