Straight Talk with Davies Hood

2011 has been a good year at Induron. Yes, it’s been a good year in sales, but it’s also been good in a way less easily quantified – culture.

Throughout our organization I can point to specific business changes that have affected our culture in a positive way. I feel the good year in sales is directly correlated to the great culture throughout our organization. 

Here are just three stories from the last year that highlight significant improvements we made within a department that have spilled over through the company: 

Accounting: Last December we purchased a new computer software program. For the last 12 months we have been installing it and training the whole company in its use. Anybody who’s ever gone through a software change understands that it’s a much bigger undertaking than is advertised.

Our controller, Brenda Robbins, quarterbacked this effort and did a super job. The result of her efforts? Every department has become more streamlined and efficient.

Production: In September 2010  we brought in Mike Nelms to run our production department. Production is Induron’s biggest department in terms of number of employees. I like to describe Mike as a proverbial player’s coach. He’s clear with his expectations while being stern and fair. And what is best about his firm and friendly management style is that it has undoubtedly improved the morale of not only Production, but of our whole plant.

Customer Service: On to the customer service department. Last winter we had the opportunity to bring on board an old Indurall paint employee, Barry Peters, who had previously worked for us for over a decade. (Indurall was our company name prior to 1995.)

Barry has helped instill in our customer service department what I like to call the paint store mentality. He’s a very good multitasker and when a customer walks in the back door, or gets him on the phone, they immediately feel like they’re talking to an old friend. And let’s face it, we are only as good as our customers perceive us.

These are just three examples from the past year. But truth be told, everybody, from office support staff to customer service to production, is pulling his (or her) weight and working toward the greater good of the company.

The culture of our organization is good because the individuals who make up this company are good. And that’s a fact that I’m proud of.

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