Product Spotlight: Aquanaut II Acrylic Enamel

As one of Induron’s most versatile and environmentally friendly topcoats, Aquanaut II Acrylic Enamel is ideal for previously painted structures.  While it is known for its user-friendly nature, excellent dry fall properties and lasting gloss and color retention, Aquanaut II Acrylic Enamel also:

  • Is a low-stress film
  • Provides outstanding adhesion
  • Offers long-term corrosion protection
  • Offers mildew resistance
  • Is HAPS and VOC compliant
  • Conforms to AWWA D102-17, OCS-3
  • Has excellent flow and leveling characteristics
  • Does not contain lead or chromates

Together these characteristics make it an ideal topcoat for a wide range of previously painted surfaces, including steel, wood, drywall, weathered or primed galvanizing and masonry. It is often applied to tanks, towers, bridges, structural steel pipes and similar structures.

For instance, it was selected to coat Sloss Furnace’s Boiler in Birmingham, AL and to re-coat the roof of an outlet mall in Edinburgh, IN.

Aquanaut II is compatible with Induramastic 85, Indurazinc MC-67, AC-220 and other Induron mid- and low-sheen products. If you’d like to learn more about Aquanaut II and how it could improve your project, contact an Induron Sales Representative.

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