Induron Announces its Top Projects of 2020

To kick off 2021, Induron is excited to announce its Top Projects of 2020! Despite the challenges that 2020 presented, our team had the pleasure of working with owners, engineers and contractors across the nation to complete various projects.across the nation to complete various projects. Learn more about each project below!

1. Watco Company Port of Birmingham Crane Renovations

Induron Sales Representative Nick Jones partnered with Industrial Coatings Group and K and K Renovations to renovate Watco Co.’s crane and conveyor system so that it would continue forward in good working condition,  provide an aesthetic upgrade and remain up to code. The crane is located directly over a river and is used in loading and unloading barges at the Port of Birmingham. 

Because the crane is positioned directly on the water, blasting was not practical or economically feasible. However, Induron was able to offer a solution. A three-coat coating system of a prime coat of E-bond 100, an intermediate coat of Perma Clean II Epoxy, and a top coat of Indurethane 6600 Polyurethane gave this crane an effective corrosion protective system.

Watco Company Port of Birmingham Crane Renovations

Read more about this project here. 

2. Industrial Metal Roof Painting

A large manufacturing facility about an hour south of Portland was experiencing a major issue: The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality identified the facility as a major contributor to zinc runoff in the storm sewer. Induron Sales Representative Jamie Laird worked with Smith & Company Painting to solve this unique corrosion problem in Woodburn, Oregon.  

We decided that the optimal solution was to encapsulate the galvanized panels with an industrial coating system that would act as a barrier between the rain water and the zinc. Jamie provided a detailed specification to Smith & Company and the asset owner, which included surface preparation recommendations as well as a cost-efficient, two-coat coating system that provided the longest service life while encapsulating the zinc and getting the run off levels to zero. Induron Induramastic 85 Epoxy Mastic at 3-7 mils dft was specified as the first coat and Indurathane 6600 at 2-4 mils dft was specified as the second coat. 

Industrial Metal Roof Painting















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3. Upper Merrion Wash Water Tanks

Aqua Pennsylvnia scheduled a complete repainting for two 250,000 gallon Wash Water Tanks as a part of its ongoing tank maintenance program. Each tank was to be completely blast cleaned (interior SP 10 near white blast; exterior SP 6 commercial blast); however different prime coats were applied to each tank. Induron Sales Representative Tex Enoch worked with Jamie Stoltzfus with I.K. Stoltzfus Service Company to specify Induron’s Indurazinc MC67 zinc rich moisture-cured urethane primer for one tank and Ceramaprime for both interior and exterior surfaces of the second tank. The rest of the coating system was to remain the same on both tanks. The purpose of this differing specification was to compare the efficacy of the two prime coats applied to identical surfaces and service environments. 

Read more about this project and the advantages of Ceramaprime here. 

At Induron, we invest ourselves in your success, your satisfaction, and your reputation. We look forward to providing more coatings solutions like these in 2021! 

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