Giving Thanks

By David Hood, Induron CEO
By David Hood, Induron CEO

Thanksgiving is this week. It is a uniquely American holiday on which we all celebrate the wonderful things the Lord has provided to us and allowed us to experience. A day to give thanks.

Induron (then known as The Industrial Paint Company) was founded 65 years ago by my dad and Louis Prosch, using money from a few businessmen who were what is known today as “angel investors.” The company was created to make a profit for those guys—and it did.

When I joined the company in 1969, I had a vision of converting it to a family business, because I thought that would create the best future for the employees and my family. I had a “10-year plan” to do so, but it took nearly 30 years.

Induron is now, truly, a family company. It was well worth the risk, work and all the energy that it took to get here. Our objective today is to provide reliable protection through innovative coatings. We believe that, when we do so, it will result in a profitable business that will provide value to everyone who is involved.

Before my son, Davies, joined the company, he and I agreed that if we ever came to an impasse that had the potential to make Thanksgiving awkward (i.e., if a disagreement spilled over into family events), one of us would quit. Our family was—and is—more important than the business. He has been here 15 years now, and we have yet to have a “fight.” He is now a full partner in the company and will soon be the majority owner. It is our business to manage and we choose to do so with integrity, respect, reliability and innovation, and all of our fellow employees are fully committed to these same principles.

My family is happy and healthy, and they – along with our family business – are contributing members of our society. What more blessings could a guy ask for? For all this, I am truly thankful!

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