Coatings are NOT a Commodity

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By: Andy Odorzynski, Induron National Sales Manager I spend the vast majority of my time speaking with clients who are preparing to make 6-figure coatings purchases and attempting to weigh their options. It’s common for the people in these buying/specifying roles to seek parity among suppliers–to create an “apples-to-apples” comparison between multiple products/companies. This journey … Read More

Induron for Dummies 101

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By: Eliska Hood, Intern at Induron  If you had asked me on September 10th if I knew what D102 coating systems, ceramic spheres, long-term weathering racks, plural and single leg pumps, or even a cup gun were, the answer would have simply been, “Huh?” 

T&D Corrosion Solutions in South America

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By: Ben Rowland, Induron T&D Sales In October of 2023, I returned to Brazil to see how Induron could help some of the largest power utilities in not only Brazil, but all of South America. With some added stateside support from a former Induron employee, Dick Belliveau, we traveled throughout Brazil to see job sites, … Read More

Restoring the Caseyville, IL Wastewater Treatment Plant

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By: Paul Powers, Induron Regional Sales Manager During the summer of 2022, the coatings protecting the City of Caseyville, Illinois’ Wastewater Treatment Plant assets reached their performance life expectancy. The protective coatings on the critical infrastructure substrates were spent, worn and some assets were beginning to show signs of corrosion. The City of Caseyville hired … Read More

Top Projects of 2023

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To close out the year, Induron is excited to announce its Top Projects of 2023! Our team had the pleasure of working with customers and contractors across the nation to complete these impactful coatings projects. Learn more about each project below!

Recoating Peotone’s Pedosphere Tank

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By: Rob Burckley, Induron Sales Representative The original coating on Peotone, Illinois’s  250,000-gallon pedosphere tank had reached the end of its lifecycle. The tank owner, Aqua Illinois, involved Dixon Engineering as the engineer on the project, Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group as the general contractor, Semper Fi Industrial coatings as the paint contractor, and Induron … Read More