By: Paul Powers, Induron Regional Sales Manager

During the summer of 2022, the coatings protecting the City of Caseyville, Illinois’ Wastewater Treatment Plant assets reached their performance life expectancy. The protective coatings on the critical infrastructure substrates were spent, worn and some assets were beginning to show signs of corrosion. The City of Caseyville hired Thouvenot, Wade & Moerchen, Inc. as the engineer on the project, Bazan Painting Co. as the coatings contractor, and Induron Protective Coatings as the coating supplier. 

The coatings solution 

Within the Wastewater Treatment Plant, several assets required refurbishment, including clarifiers, pipes and racks, stairs and catwalks, structural steel, rails and miscellaneous metals, doors and generators, as well as block and pre-cast concrete buildings. In summation, the whole facility needed a fresh paint job! The coatings below were specified with performance, project timing and weather conditions in mind. 

  • Clarifiers – Exterior only: (SSPC SP-6 / NACE 3 Commercial Blast Cleaning) 1 coat of Ceramaprime Primer, 1 coat of Induramastic 85 Epoxy, and 1 coat of Indurathane 6600 Plus Urethane 
  • Pipes & Racks: (SSPC (SSPC WJ-4 Low Pressure Water Cleaning assisted with SSPC SP-2 Hand Tool Sanding), 1 coat of Induramastic 85 Epoxy, 2 coats of Indurathane 6600 Plus Urethane
  • Stairs & Catwalks: (SSPC WJ-4 Low Pressure Water Cleaning assisted with SSPC SP-2 Hand Tool Sanding, 1 coat of Induramastic 85 Epoxy, and 2 coats of Indurathane 6600 Plus Urethane
  • Structural Steel, Rails & Miscellaneous Metals: (SSPC WJ-4 Low Pressure Water Cleaning assisted with SSPC SP-2 Hand Tool Sanding), 1 coat of Induramastic 85 Epoxy and 2 coats of Indurathane 6600 Plus Urethane.
  • Doors & Generators: (SSPC WJ-4 Low Pressure Water Cleaning assisted with SSPC SP- 2 Hand Tool Sanding), 1 coat of P-30 Universal Primer and 2 coats of Indurlux 7600 Acrylic Polysiloxane.
  • Block & Cast Concrete Buildings: (SSPC SP-13 NACE 6 Low Pressure Water Cleaning to a WJ-4 Finish), 2 coats of AC 403 Acrylic Elastomeric (Smooth Texture)
Clarifier, structural steel and catwalks all beautifully finished with Induron 6600 Plus Gloss Urethane. This topcoat provides a wide range of colors, including safety and specific color codes for piping and mechanical identification.
Generator. The client wanted to go with the original manufacturer’s signature color and, thankfully, custom matches are not a problem for the trained professionals in our manufacturing facility.
The contrast between the colors really shows off a crisp, bright and well-maintained look to the facility. Not only is the client’s assets protected from corrosion, but are aesthetically pleasing to the community!
Passivating degradation to cementitious surfaces is not often a maintenance priority, yet it can be a costly repair. AC 403 Elastomeric is formulated specifically to prevent the penetration and migration of moisture into the substrate.
Many of the miscellaneous metals, like doors and frames, were coated with Indurlux 7600 Acrylic Polysiloxane, not only for the color and gloss retention characteristics, but also for ease of additional maintenance in the future. This single pack acrylic is very user friendly and can be applied by the facilities in-house crews when additional painting is needed!
A fresh coat on the structural steel in the exterior storage area.
A fresh coat on the structural steel in the exterior storage area.
Piping and structural steel on the exterior of the plant's concrete basins.
Piping and structural steel on the exterior of the plant’s concrete basins.

About the coatings

Ceramaprime, a thick-film ceramic epoxy liner that has been distilled into a thin-film primer, was selected as the primer on the clarifiers to replace costly zinc primers without sacrificing performance. This innovative product boasts a 45-minute time-to-recoat, a one-year maximum recoat window and low moisture vapor permeability. 

Induramastic 85 Epoxy was chosen to coat several assets for its excellent adhesion properties on overcoating applications. Induramastic 85 is a high build, surface-tolerant epoxy formulated for excellent adhesion to clean steel, rusted steel, weathered galvanizing, wood, concrete, and most existing cured coatings. It can be applied in cooler temperatures, utilizing E-60 Additive, which helped mitigate any winter weather concerns of this project. 

Indurathane 6600 Plus and Indurlux 7600 were selected for their excellent color and gloss retention characteristics in extended UV exposure. Plus, similar to Induramastic 85 Epoxy, these can be applied in cooler temperatures utilizing U-50 Additive. 

Lastly, AC 403 Acrylic Elastomeric, a low-odor, water-borne acrylic epoxy formulated for exceptional toughness and stain resistance, was specified for its superior waterproofing characteristics.

All in all, this project was another example of all the parties working together toward one goal–an issue free application that extended the service life of the treatment plant assets for the owner. 

 “The Caseyville WWTP Project was a huge success due to the proper product selection and great service we received from Induron,” said Kevin White, Senior Vice President at Bazan Painting Company. 

Interested in learning more about treatment plant coatings

Today’s water and wastewater treatment facilities mandate the very best coatings to protect their assets from harsh corrosive atmospheres. Induron Protective Coatings has developed high performance coating solutions for the numerous exposures encountered in these treatment plants. In fact, our ceramic epoxies have been protecting water, wastewater and sewer structures for more than 30 years. Contact an Induron representative today or check out our Interactive Treatment Plant Specification Guide