Swansea Wastewater Treatment Plant Refurbishment

By: Paul Powers, Mid-Central Regional Manager for Induron Protective Coatings

When the City of Swansea, Illinois realized it was time to bring their water treatment plant back up to their standard of quality, they turned to their long-time engineering firm partner, Thouvenot, Wade and Moerchen, Inc (TWM, Inc). TWM, Inc. then turned to Induron Protective Coatings to make sure the proper protective coatings and surface preparation measures were specified to the bidding contractors.

Project challenges

Timing was very critical on this project as it was shaping up to be an end-of-the season project with special considerations for colder temperatures. Plus, complications caused by COVID-19 and the international raw materials shortage made everyone involved well aware that a great effort of open communication amongst all parties would be paramount. 

Swansea Waste Water Treatment Plant Refurbishment

The coatings solution

Because the coatings contractor, RP Coatings out of Troy, IL has a well-established history with both TWM, Inc. and Induron, coordinating mobilization dates and material needs were discussed and planned well in advance, which gave plenty of manufacturing and preparation time to all. Secondly, knowing that we may need to navigate colder weather gave us the opportunity to use a product that uses accelerators, which gave us choices if the weather changed quickly. 

Swansea Waste Water Treatment Plant Refurbishment

Induron’s Induramastic 85 Epoxy and the Indurathane 6600 were the perfect cost-effective choices for these circumstances. First, Induramastic 85 Epoxy epoxy allowed for a wider range of surface preparation options, which decreased the overall cost of the project. Plus, because the existing coatings were in reasonable condition with isolated rust, Induramastic 85 Epoxy’s surface tolerance eliminated the need for abrasive blast cleaning on all of the surfaces. Lastly, the brush, roll and spray characteristics of both of these products made them cost-effective options. Induron’ s formulations for both of these materials affords the contractor the ability to adjust their application techniques without a lot of field changes to the product. Indurethane 6600 also offers best-in-class color and gloss retention in the most severe climates. 

Swansea Waste Water Treatment Plant Refurbishment

Despite the raw material shortage and weather conditions, this team worked together to overcome the challenges and deliver the owner with a refurbished and well-protected water treatment plant. 

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