By: Steve Freed, Induron Regional Sales Manager

Hamilton Township, NJ Water Tank Repaint Aqua New Jersey’s 2-million-gallon standpipe water tank on location at their headquarters in Hamilton, NJ was in need of rehabilitation. Because the standpipe is visible from the highly-traveled highway I-195, Aqua keeps the tank in tip-top shape. 

The water tank required a full blast and re-coat on both the interior and exterior. Plus, with the prime visibility of this tank, Aqua decided to display the seal of Hamilton Township prominently on the tank along with the Aqua logo. The Township seal has a very intricate design, using more than 20 colors to pay homage to the history of the area, which goes back to the 1600’s.

The project players

U.S. Tank Painting was contracted to rehabilitate the tank, and Mumford Bjorkman Associates was hired to complete the tank inspection–both highly regarded local businesses in the water tank industry.  U.S. Tank Painting turned to Induron Protective Coatings for protective coatings expertise and products. 

The interior coatings solution

The interior of the tank was blasted and primed with Induron’s Ceramaprime, then stripe-coated with PE-70, and topcoated with Perma-Clean 100. 

With Ceramaprime, Induron has distilled the performance of thick-film ceramic epoxy liners into a thin-film primer to provide a highly-durable primer ideal for properly-prepared carbon steel surfaces.  PE-70 Epoxy is a two-component, high-solids, highly cross-linked, self-priming epoxy coating formulated for long-term resistance to water, many water soluble chemicals and other aggressive environments. And lastly, Perma-Clean 100 is a fast-curing, 100% solids epoxy tank lining formulated for potable water applications to provide enhanced edge retention, which ultimately improves corrosion protection on corners and sharp angles. 

The exterior coatings solution

The exterior of the standpipe was blasted and primed with Ceramaprime along with an intermediate coat of PE-70 and finished with a topcoat of Perma-Gloss Fluorourethane. As a two-component, high gloss, fluoropolymer resin-based urethane coating, PermaGloss was the perfect topcoat for optimal color and gloss retention. To ensure a vivid and long-lasting logo, more than 20 different shades of Permagloss were used to produce the Hamilton Township seal and the Aqua logo. 

Hamilton Township, NJ Water Tank Repaint

The project results

This standpipe is now fully protected inside and out, and the new logo beautifully honors the local Township that Aqua serves from this location.  

“The choice to use Induron’s Perma-Gloss for the logo provides us with vivid, spot-on colors today, as well as substantially increasing the color and gloss retention for years to come,” says Adam Burger, director of operations at Aqua New Jersey. “Working with a trusted applicator like US Tank Painting verifying each logo color for accuracy gave me supreme confidence the end result would be excellent.”  

Hamilton Township, NJ Water Tank Repaint