Perma-Clean 100™ Ceramic Epoxy

An ideal coating for top coating a wide range of previously painted surfaces

Perma-Clean 100 is a fast-curing, 100% solids epoxy tank lining for potable water applications. It provides enhanced edge retention, which improves corrosion protection on corners and sharp angles. The high-build coating may be applied up to 50 mils DFT per coat. Competitive products are not enhanced with ceramic pigment into an amine-cured epoxy resin for maximum corrosion protection of immersed substrates and can take up to 7 days or longer to cure for full immersion service. Formulated specifically for protecting steel and concrete for potable water immersion, Perma-Clean 100 becomes dry to walk on in 10 hours at 70F, which allows for quicker inspection times, and can be placed into immersion service in 72 hours at 60F and above.

Since launching PermaClean100, Induron has strengthened its position and industry leadership for potable water tank linings in the industry. Available in a gloss blue finish, the epoxy coating also has a very low VOC (less than 13 g/L; 0.1 lb./gal, mixed) and low odor. PermaClean 100 Epoxy meets AWWA D102 and AWWA C210 standards and is Ozone Transmission Commission (OTC Phase I and Phase II) compliant.

Here are 4 reasons to use Perma-Clean 100 for your next project:

  1. Unparalleled film build: PC 100 can build up to 50 mils DFT in a single coat, which means long-term corrosion protection, especially on hard-to-paint surfaces like angles, edges, ladders and vents.
  2. Ultra-low permeability: Because of the varied sizes of the ceramic beads that make up part of the pigment package, a liquid path to the substrate is very circuitous, meaning the effective barrier coat acts even thicker than it is.
  3. Absolute minimal undercutting: PC 100 actually heals pinholes and spot corrosion with an A-rated cathodic disbandment by not undercutting like traditional epoxies.
  4. Non-ablative surface: It inhibits microbiological contamination and prevents acidothiobacillus growth without the use of sacrificial bacteriacides or mildicides that use themselves up over time.

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Perma-Clean™100 is ideal for protecting steel and concrete immersed in potable water.

Priming not normally required. If priming is required, CeramaPrime, AquaClean, PE-70, RC-70, E-Bond 100or Indurazinc MC67 are approved primers.

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